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Tax Problems: Our commitment is to the cost- effective and speedy resolution of tax problems which include:

IRS Audits / Examinations:
HHH Sensitive IRS Audits
HHH Unreported Income
HHH Overstatement of Expenses
HHH Overseas Bank Reporting
HHH Unfiled Tax Returns
HHH Penalty Reduction

IRS Criminal Investigation:
HHH CPA / Preparer Defense
HHH Grand Jury Subpoenas
HHH IRS Summons Responses
HHH Filing of False Tax Returns
HHH Money Laundering
HHH Income / Payroll Tax Fraud

IRS Enforced Collection:

HHH Federal/ State Levies
HHH Federal/ State Tax Liens
HHH Seizures / Sales of Assets
HHH Offers in Compromise
HHH Installment Payment Plans

IRS Appeals Division:
HHH When You Don't Agree ...

United States Courts:

HHUnited States Tax Court
HHH Notice of Deficiency
HHH Notice of Determination
HHUnited States District Court
HHH Refund / Payroll Claims
HHH Criminal Tax Matters
How I Can Help

Quality. Innovation. Reputation. We spend all day, every day solving federal and state tax problems for people just like you!

Handling difficult situations with the IRS or state department of revenue can involve an intricate and sometimes overwhelming web of rules, procedures and methods. This is someplace you don't want to go without the help of someone who has seen it and done it before!

That's why we proudly continue today a tradition of discreet, first quality service to people just like you. We have many satisfied clients, and can provide references for your use in making a decision about who should handle your tax case.

You will be dealing with a professional tax attorney who has hands on, solid experience representing taxpayers with IRS Examination, Collection, Appeals and criminal tax problems. Our service also extends to handling difficulties with state departments of revenue and into the court system, as well.

You can expect us to view your case with the insight and know-how, which we believe are required to bring about the best possible resolution to your tax case. Our McHenry law office is devoted exclusively to providing first quality tax controversy related representation to everyone who entrust a case to us.

We are here to serve you, so please telephone us at 815-344-4800 to make arrangements for your personal visit to our office.


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"Anytime the IRS is investigating a return there is a criminal aspect to it. My job as a tax attorney is to protect the client and work with the IRS to reduce tax liabilities and in most situations negotiate compromises usually saving the client thousands of dollars."

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The only sure thing about IRS Problems are they don't go away by themselves. I'm Roger Kasny, Federal and State Tax Controversy Attorney. Every IRS Problem has a solution! I am the solution to your problems.

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